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Stressed Out? In Pain? Need To Relax?

If Carlsberg did Massages!… Jayne Driver is one of the best solely dedicated, professionally insured, Massage Therapists in the UK. She has a proven track record  second to none, so why not book an appointment and experience the best professional Massage Therapy treatments available in the UK at her Touched Therapies clinic in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales area.  Based in Threshfield near Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Who remembers Lard?

Who remembers this lovely stuff?  When I first met my husband in 1995, I was horrified that he was still frying in Lard!   He still owned a chip pan, filled to the brim with this solid white stuff!   I didn’t even know you could still buy it.  I did know, as...

Treatment for Headaches

New guidance from the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggested headaches are not always correctly diagnosed or treated, with a significant minority of cases indicatiing that painkillers taken to reduce the pain could actually be...

The Power of Touch!

Bullying and social exclusion have become a grave concern in classrooms all across the nation. Peer Massage can help and is now is being successfully adopted in the UK at some forward thinking schools.   Click here for full...

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