Kids 5 A Day – Simples!

Struggling to get your kids to eat their 5 a day?  Me too!  Even with all my best attempts at hiding and bribing, yes, even all my attempts at Earth Motherliness have failed!   With the best will in the world and a good diet, including plenty fresh fruit of veg,  our...

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WHO Mobiles Phones cancer risk – Your Call

As regular followers of Chris Woollams at Cancer Active, whose daughter Catherine died of a brain tumour, know, he has been arguing this for 9 long years - at times (like when Cancer Research UK confidently stated on their blog that there was no research that mobile...

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What on Earth … are Antioxidants?

It appears, or so we are told, almost every food you can think of,  is rich in antioxidants.  So what are they and why are they important for good health? I think the easiest analogy is if you think about Oxidation being the process that creates the breakdown which...

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