What’s the best type of Massage?

To tell you the truth it  ‘aint what you do, it’s the way that you do it’,   It is important to ask your therapist  if they can combine different treatment approaches for different clients, or the same client at different points in their pain cycle...

Checking your pulse can prevent a stroke

Place the pads of your first 2 fingers on the inside of your wrist, beneath the thumb – the beat should be regular. If it’s not see your GP. An irregular pulse may mean your heartbeat’s jumpy too, which can put you at risk of a stroke.

Try Standing on 1 Leg!

Standing on one leg could help you live longer! Good balance could stop you from falling and breaking a bone.  Practise standing on one leg while you clean your teeth and balancing on your tiptoes with your eyes closed. Go on give it a try you may be surprised how...

Muscle is an Orphan Organ!

MUSCLE is an orphan organ! No medical speciality has adopted it. No medical speciality is funding research into it and the daily aches and pains associated with it. And yet thousands upon thousands of people are suffering unnecessarily and in the western world, taking...
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