The Emotional link to Pain

I happened across this interesting article by Mel from Natural Solutions Magazine, which struck a  cord, what do you think?  While most bodywork experts agree that tension and pain in the body are largely caused by how we move, or don’t move enough, throughout the...

7 Good Reasons to have a Massage – No 7

Last but very not least! – There is another reason to have a Massage that goes even deeper than the rest.  Being touched is about getting support.  Support that we all need on the difficult journey we call life.  No matter how you look at it, being human is...

Checking your pulse can prevent a stroke

Place the pads of your first 2 fingers on the inside of your wrist, beneath the thumb – the beat should be regular. If it’s not see your GP. An irregular pulse may mean your heartbeat’s jumpy too, which can put you at risk of a stroke.

How Does Posture Affect Us?

Posture affects us physically and mentally, so can it alter our emotions? Have you noticed your posture when you feel upset or in pain? How is that different from when you feel confident or powerful? 1 in 5 people think poor posture demonstrates a lack in confidence...
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